— Bitterballe

A couple of week ago Filip and I went to stroll around town in the sunshine, stop by at Vitor at www.recycledfixed.org so check the progresss on Filips’ new bike. Amsterdam if pretty darn sweet when the sun’s shining.

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Since the canals were covered with ice, Noam, Richard and I decided to take a stroll in the city, walking around the Ninestreets having a cup of coffee. This whole day ended with a home-delivery of some spare-ribs and gaming at Vechtsraat. Good weekend.

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Yesterday me and Richard went to Westerpark to hang out with some hyper-people; Noam, Ola, Petter, Rasmus, Johan, Kristian and Fredrik. Noam tried killing us with some strong drinks before taking a cab to the “KILL ALL HIPSTERS” event.

Me & Richard woke up quite late today, a bit hungover, hungry and tired we decided to take a 40min walk to “Burger Bar” We eat an awsome 200g Angus burger, strolled around town a bit, went back home and chillaxed for about 2 hours. We’ve been talking a lot about learning how to play Dart, so we took a walk down to De Pijp – We took a 5h walk, got lost, got hungry, got thursty and it all ended up with us being back at the hotel drinking beer and eating Bratwurst.

Filip’s favorite car at our street.

Richards favorite car at our street.

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So, we’ve been here for about 36 hours now, and so far we’ve basicly just been strolling around, eating, drinking beer and just enjoying the city.

Yesterday we went to a random bar/pub by the canal, had a burger, played some cards and a game of chess.

Today we went to TROUW to meet up with some Hyper Island UK students to watch a documentary on the birth of Kraut (German Electro) which was really interesting.

Anyhow, so far we’ve really just been chilling, wakling for about 4h per day just checking what’s up and where we would like to drink our future beers together.

It’s so nice being back in a big city again!

We caught some good lightning outside our hotel.

Richards favorite hobbies – Trams and Cigarettes.

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On our way to Amsterdam!


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